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The Day After... What happens when people realise that the revolution had brought no change?

Food prices in Africa, Middle East and India are rising quickly repeating the troubles of the US bank crisis of 2008, causing riots in poor countries. Once more the poorest of the poor suffer at most from the climate change which aggravates drought, storms or flood catastrophes in these regions. Now the situation worsens because prices of all kind of food clean water and energy to cook meals are exploding. Read the full article...

Melamine found in Chinese eggs

Eggs and probably meat from China are tainted with melamine from feed. After tainted milk also eggs of China's Dalian Hanwei Enterprise Group were found with 4.7 parts per million of melamine. Under the Harmful Substances in Food (Amendment) Regulation 2016 of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the legal limit for melamine in food is 2.5 ppm.

Liquid as well as dehydrated egg yolk and egg white are exported in bulk container for the production of mayonnaise, sauces, marshmallow fluff or marshmallow crème, bakeries and confectioneries. All these products are made with egg yolk or egg white.

Chinese food scandals such as using cancer causing Sudan Red to adjust the colour of egg yolk, kidney failure causing melamine tainted dog and cat feed and dairy products demonstrates that countries with low production costs endanger quality and safety. Global enterprises should keep in mind that profits from low production costs may entangle the enterprise in a food scandal with destructive outcomes.

The first company outside of China entangled in this scandal is the Philippine company Croley Foods MFG. Corp whose Blueberry Cream Sandwich whose crackers were found to be tainted with melamine, probably traced back to the Chinese egg products.

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Your Emergency Survival Guide

If you are trapped at home by an emergency remember that it probably will not take more than 3 days the situation to normalise. Help from other regions will come to the distressed area. In case of radioactive contamination, the region will be evacuated anyway.

Germany declares war against vitamin supplements

Several thousand deaths per year in Germany may be caused by vitamin supplements consumption.

High Intensity Pulsed Electric Fields technology for food treatment

Pulsed electric field processing is a method for processing cells by means of brief pulses of a strong electric field. PEF holds potential as a type of low temperature alternative pasteurization process for sterilizing food products.